Can certificate templates be edited on SeekLMS?

Can certificate templates be edited on SeekLMS?

Yes, certificate templates can be edited on SeekLMS.

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    • How can certificate templates be edited on SeekLMS?

      In order to edit certificate templates that are already created, you can: Click on “Settings” from “Navigation bar” on the left side of your screen  Select “Certificates” from the drop-down. Click on the drop down menu indicated by the three dots ...
    • Can assessment plan settings be edited for a batch? If yes, How?

      Yes, an assessment plan's settings can be edited for a batch. This setting can be used when you want to make changes in settings for a particular batch and not at the course level. In order to make changes in the assessment plan for a batch, you can: ...
    • Which payment gateways do SeekLMS support?

      SeekLMS supports the following payment gateways:  PayPal EBS PayUMoney Stripe RazorPay  You will need to obtain a merchant account to integrate the payment gateway with SeekLMS.  PayUMoney, EBS and Stripe can be used for domestic currency payments, ...
    • Does SeekLMS support Indian Language documents? How?

      Yes, SeekLMS supports Indian language documents. You can upload: PDF files (with split document and without split document) can support Indian Language characters.  For .docx documents, download and apply the Nirmala font to your content files and ...
    • Can I move my domain hosting services to SeekLMS?

      Yes, you can move your domain hosting services to SeekLMS by sending an email to