How can courses be 'published'?

How can courses be 'published'?

Courses can be published to the course catalog to allow students to self sign-up. To publish the created courses you can:

  1. Click on “Courses” in the navigation bar

  2. Select “Manage Courses” 

  3. Click on the drop-down indicated by three dots against the course for which is to be published on the course catalog

  4. Select Edit

  5. Once done, go to the “Settings” tab. Here you can:
  1. Display your course in the course catalog.

  2. Save.

Once the settings are saved, your course will be published under the Course Catalog.

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      Once you create a blog post and click on Publish, the blog will be published on your SeekLMS portal.
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      If you want to display courses category-wise, you can: Select Category.  Reorder the categories by dragging and dropping the categories in the box.  Click on Course Settings for more options. Once you click on Course Settings, you can reorder courses ...
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      No. An affiliate content manager cannot edit the courses assigned to him by the admin. He/she can only edit the courses that have been created by him / her.