How can I add learners to courses?

How can I add learners to courses?

This can be done from the “Learners” tab in the course. To do this you can:

  1. Click on “Courses” from the navigation bar

  2. Select “Manage Courses”

  3. Click on the dropdown indicated by the three dots

  4. Select Learners

Once done, click on “Add Learner”, on clicking you have the option to:

  • Invite new people: You can invite new people to sign up for a course and they will receive an auto generated email to register. These invitees will go through the entire enrollment flow - including setting up their own user accounts and paying for the course (if it is a paid course). 

  1. Enter the email addresses in the box 

  2. Click on Invite new people.

  • Assign to existing people: Choose from existing learners on the platform. These learners  are automatically assigned to course without needing to go through the enrollment flow and without payment. 

  1.  You can search for learners in the search box. The drop down menu will show you a list of all learners already on the platform. 

  2. Once you select learners  you want to assign the course to, you can choose to send them emails notifying them about being added to the course by checking the option. 

  3. Click on “Assign User” to assign the course to these learners.


  • Import from Excel (you can download our sample template): 

1.Select whether you want to import “Learners” or “Staff”

2. Once done, click on the link to download the sample template and update data following the instructions shared in the template.

3. Fill the template. 

4. Here, choose whether you want to add the learners in the batch or not.

5. Once done, you can upload the edited template here and

6. Click on “Upload” once done.

  • Import from a batch: You can add students from another batch to the course. 

  1. Select the batch from the drop down menu 

  2. Click  Import Learners


  • Import from Learner Group: You can add students from a learner group.
  1. Select the learner group from the drop-down.
  2. Click on "Assign Users" once done.