How can I create blogs?

How can I create blogs?

To create a blog:

  1. Click on “Blogs” from the navigation bar.

  2. Select “Create Blog.

  1. Add “Title”

  2. Click on “Next”

Once done, you can:

  1. Add your blog content in the box. You can format the text as required. 

  2. You also have a number of post settings*. (Explained below) .

  3. Once you have finished you blog, you can publish it OR

  4. Save it OR 

  5. Preview it. 

Clicking on close will close the page without saving your blog.


 Here are the different post settings explained:

  1. You can add a cover photo by clicking upload and selecting the desired photo from your system. (this is required).

  1. You can add a description of your blog post in the box and click on save. (this is required).


  1. You can choose to publish at the current the date and time or set one. Click on save.

  1. Enter your desired SEO keywords in the box. Click Save.


  1. You can also choose whether the permalink has the post title or a custom title of your choosing. Click save.


  1. You choose the category to list the blog post under. Choose the category from the drop down menu and click Save.

  1. You can choose to add the author’s name in the box and click Save.



  1. Checking the Highlight Blog Post will pin the post on top of the blog listing page.

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