How to fill in details for course overview?

How to fill in details for course overview?

Creating a course overview is the first step of the course creation process in SeekLMS. It includes all the details required for introducing a learner to a course. 

 Here’s how you can create a course overview: 

The default Course Overview has 5 essential fields for prefacing a course:

 (1) Course Name - The first field in the overview is Course Name, here you have to specify a title/name for your course.

 (2) Category - You can assign this course to an existing Category or Add a new category by simply clicking the Add button. 

 (3) Course Code - You can include a Course Code for uniquely identifying the Course. 

 (4) Course Description - The overview also allows you to write a Course Description which will display as an introductory text to the course under the course catalog. 

 (5) Duration - Course duration specifies how long it would take for a student to complete the course. It also reflects how long the student has access to the course, depending on course settings.  

 You can also add the following for your course:  

 (6) Cover Image and 

 (7) Introductory Video  

 Save once you are happy with the “Course Overview” created.

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